Roofing Materials for Your Home

The roof is one of the most important components on your home.  It protects the home and all of the things inside from damage of various sorts and provides a more comfortable environment than you’d otherwise experience. When it is time to install a roof, it is important that the time is taken to learn more about the various types of roof that can outfit your home. Additionally, it is important that you learn the pros and cons of each material before you hire a company to complete roof installation beaverton or.

The asphalt shingles roof material is the most commonly used roofing material on residential homes.  It is sure to perfectly accommodate any of your roofing needs. Homeowners prefer the asphalt shingles roof because of its low pricing, easy installation, and availability of many styles and designs that accommodate any decorative needs. The roofing material has a lifespan of about 20 years, although it may last longer if it is properly cared for.

Aside from asphalt shingles roofing, homeowners have many other roofing materials to choose from as well. Believe it or not, the metal roof is among the options. Although metal roofing may have been a material for businesses only long ago improvements have made it a top choice for homeowners these days. Adding a metal roof to your home provides a 50+ year lifetime, little maintenance needs, and a host of additional benefits.

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Clay and concrete tiles are also available for home roofing installation. Although not as popular as the above materials, clay tiles and concrete tiles still top many houses with the satisfaction of the homeowner intact.  The tiles are versatile, non-combustible, and long-lasting, though a bit more expensive than other roofing materials. If you don’t mind the added expense, it is worth looking at these tiles for your roof.